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In April 1999 the Armagh and Dungannon district council areas were designated a Health Action Zone (HAZ) by the Department of Health and Social Services. The bid document entitled "Together, We Can Make A Difference" defined the aim of the HAZ as:

" ... combining the efforts of all our agencies with the involvement of local people to measurably improve the health and wellbeing of all in the Armagh and Dungannon areas".

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The HAZ is committed to:

  • improving local people‚Äôs quality of, and expectation from, life;
  • reducing inequalities in health and wellbeing both on a geographical basis and between different groups in the HAZ area;
  • targeting the needs of vulnerable, socially excluded and disadvantaged groups such as older people, disabled, people suffering mental illness, low income families, travellers.

If you would like to know more about the Armagh and Dungannon Health Action Zone contact Eleanor Gill, HAZ Manager or Edel Skelton, HAZ Support Officer.